A Patient-First Perspective on Digital Therapeutics: A Presentation from DTx West

Two employees speak about the life-changing experience of using Sleepio and Daylight, digital therapeutics for poor sleep and worry and anxiety.

Employees describe the life-changing impacts of Sleepio and Daylight

Originally presented at the DTx West 2021 Conference on February 24th 2021.

Join Big Health’s CEO and Co-founder Peter Hames as he speaks with two employees — Tim and David — who have greatly improved their sleep and mental health with Sleepio and Daylight.

David describes the impact Daylight had on his life:

To be able to take control back, do more with kids and be available to them. To be in a good mood and not be this ‘grumpy dad’. It was priceless.

If you don’t have time to watch the full video you can read about Tim and David’s stories in our recent blog

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