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Community Workshop: Bringing Mental Health Into Focus

Discover how mental health literacy can offer clarity during difficult times.

For many of us, the last year has brought up a lot of feelings. Sometimes those feelings are easy to identify: sad, anxious, or exhausted. But other feelings are harder to find words for, making them tricky to understand or manage. It can be like looking at the world through a pair of blurry, broken glasses.

We hosted a workshop focused on mental health literacy for the community. We believe mental health literacy helps can help us see things more clearly.

Led by two clinical psychologists, this live workshop teaches the basics of mental health literacy. After the session you will understanding:

  • How to recognize common signs of mental health conditions and when to seek help
  • What types of treatment options are available and most effective
  • How reducing stigma around mental health and promoting culturally competent care can lead to better mental health for everyone
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