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Las Vegas | October 8-11

Meeting cube MC-6947

Learn why so many organizations choose Big Health to treat insomnia, anxiety, and depression in their populations.

Sleepio is a customized six-week program that teaches techniques based on cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) principles to treat insomnia, such as progressive relaxation, thought-blocking, sleep restriction, and mindful observation.

Daylight is a tailored four-week program that teaches CBT techniques to treat anxiety. Applied relaxation, cognitive restructuring, stimulus control, and imaginal exposure help patients respond better to stress and overcome worry and anxiety.

SparkRx is the first evidence-based digital therapeutic for patients ages 13+ experiencing symptoms of depression. SparkRx is a five-week program that teaches CBT techniques like psychoeducation, mood tracking, activity scheduling, and more.

Featured Speakers

Gabriela Perez

Chief Commercial Officer

Session: Unraveling the Payment Puzzle and Maximizing Revenue

Date: Sunday, October 8 from 10:15 – 11 AM (PDT)

Location: LVCC, Level 3, Room 322-324

Jenna Carl, Ph.D

Chief Commercial Officer

Session: Pillow Talk

Date: Tuesday, October 10 from 1:20-2:00 PM (PDT )

Location: Earth Stage

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Meeting cube MC-6947