Accessible, cost-effective mental health treatments for employees

Big Health offers Sleepio® and Daylight®, clinical-grade digital therapeutics for the treatment of insomnia and generalized anxiety disorder.1,2  Insomnia and anxiety can have detrimental impacts on your employees’ health and productivity.

The path forward

By including our digital treatments in your benefits package, your company will see value throughout the organization while eliminating barriers to accessing essential mental health care, closing gaps in care, and reducing health care costs.

With clinical-grade treatment and a consumer-loved experience

Through consistent, interactive treatment available 24/7 on any mobile device, our digital treatments address insomnia and anxiety in the workforce, leading to increased productivity, reduced safety risks, and ERISA compliance.

In a clinical trial

of participants using Sleepio showed clinical improvement in insomnia7

of participants using Daylight showed clinical improvement in anxiety8

Unlike traditional talk therapy, Sleepio and Daylight are digitally different solutions that address social determinants of health to ensure accessible, cost-effective, and equitable mental health care for your organization.

Proven Results

Up to 300% ROI: We’re billed pay-per-use so you’ll see up to $4 for every $1 invested9

See how your current mental health benefits offerings stack up with our interactive tool.

Sleepio and Daylight are available as an adjunct to usual medical care for insomnia disorder or generalized anxiety disorder, respectively, for adults ages 18 and older, without FDA review under their COVID-19 policy.

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