We’re working to provide millions with direct access to Sleepio and Daylight

All NHS England and NHS & Social Care Scotland staff have access to Sleepio and Daylight in light of COVID-19

Big Health has partnered with NHS England and NHS Scotland to protect the mental health of staff in the NHS. Sleepio and Daylight are now available at no cost for all staff throughout the outbreak response. Our digital therapeutics offer users evidence-based cognitive behavioural techniques via mobile and web, without the need for human contact.

Hear from the patients, NHS staff, and clinicians using Sleepio & Daylight

Our digital therapeutics have been recognized by some of the nation’s leading authorities in digital health, software innovation, mental health, and employee benefits.

“I am delighted to be able to offer Sleepio for free to my patients – an effective digital tool with a robust clinical evidence base behind it. It’s a simple digital prescription, and it means that patients can access CBT in their own time and at their own pace.”

Dr. Ian Wood

General Practicioner

“Sleepio managed to break bad habits I had which I now believe may have been responsible for my sleepless nights. Even though I knew they were not good I buried my head in the sand and told myself they were not the problem. Thank you.”

Sleepio User

“Sleepio helped me break out of my sleep pattern and gave me tools like the planner which mean I don’t need to be awake thinking anymore. It’s transformed my sleep!”

Sleepio User

Until now, there has been a significant treatment gap in access to gold-standard therapy for mental health

We’re safe.

We are committed to developing gold standard clinical evidence to help patients get access to digital therapies that work.

We’re trusted.

Our flagship product, Sleepio, has NICE accreditation, has been listed on the NHS Apps Library and we’ve been chosen by NHSE to provide our products to support the mental health of NHS staff across England.

We’re scalable.

All our products are automated, and facilitated through voice and animation. We’re prescribed in primary care, integrated into IAPT services, and distributed through NHS Employers.

We have partnered with leading organisations across the NHS and beyond

Partner with us!

Sleepio and Daylight are currently available at no cost to all NHS staff during the COVID-19 response, through a partnership between Big Health and NHS England. In addition, Sleepio is currently available to individuals working or living within Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, and Oxfordshire.

If you are an NHS commissioner interested in funding access to Sleepio and/or Daylight for patients in your area, please complete the form below and one of our team will be in touch.