Lasting recovery from insomnia that’s available anytime, anywhere – available free on the NHS.

CBT for insomnia –

Better nights are ahead

The NHS recommends that people with insomnia or poor sleep are first offered cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) for insomnia. Sleepio is the NICE-recommended digital treatment for insomnia and poor sleep. It’s available on the NHS to residents in England and Scotland, so entirely free for you as a patient.

Through six weekly 10-minute sessions, you will learn different techniques to help you fall asleep faster, spend less time awake at night, and function better the next day.

How does cognitive behavioural
therapy for insomnia work?

Sleep Restriction

The most powerful way to increase your sleep drive and reset your sleep schedule.

Stimulus Control

Rebuild a healthy association between your bed and sleep.

Cognitive Tools

Manage the worries and thoughts that make it difficult to sleep.

Sleep Hygiene Review

Optimise your environment and habits for better sleep.

Start sleeping better in
three easy steps

1. Create your account at, available free on the NHS

2. Answer a few short questions about your sleep, and we’ll customise Sleepio for you!

3. Download the Sleepio app on Android and iOS devices to start treatment, or continue online

Meaningful, lasting results

Sleepio uses evidence-based cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) techniques to address your unique needs with a programme customised to you, featuring sessions with step-by-step guidance. It helps to quiet racing minds, reshape behaviours, and get better sleep.

Image depicting the wind-down, before-sleep schedule screen from Sleepio.

Treatment tailored to you

Sleepio adjusts therapeutic content to your needs and offers additional tools and insights when needed.

Image depicting Sleepio's "Help me get to sleep" menu of sleep aids.

Help at any time, day or night

Sleepio is an instantly accessible sleep app ready to check in, practise, or try a new technique when it’s needed most.

Image depicting a Sleepio progress chart.

Progress tracking

Sleepio provides personalised goal setting, a detailed sleep diary, and helps track progress over time.

What Sleepio users say

It’s unbelievable! By week four the change was remarkable. I cannot believe I am sleeping well.

Jill, InvernessNurse

Sleepio has changed my life significantly for the better. I am more productive in all areas of my life.

Stuart, AngusPhysiotherapist

I feel energised and happier. I also have tactics and strategies to help if I slip backwards again or have a poor night’s sleep.

Helen, PaisleyPharmacist

Sleepio made me not panic about my sleep. I’m less moody now and sleeping much better.

Jenny, AberdeenDeputy Services Manager

Thanks to Sleepio I am now more active and able to cope with a very busy life. It’s been a complete game changer for me.

Sarah, BerkshireTeacher

Before Sleepio I used to lie awake for hours fidgeting about in bed – I was at my wit’s end. I am now getting 7 hours of sleep a night. You need to stick with it, but it does work!

Richard, HampshireRetired

Sleepio is the first-ever digital treatment to receive positive guidance from NICE

NICE have recommended Sleepio as an effective first-line digital treatment for insomnia, to be considered before the prescription of sleeping pills or sleep hygiene.1

1. Miller, C. B., Carl, J. R., Henry, A. L., Baker, L. (2020). A health economic evaluation of Sleepio at a Fortune 500 company. Retrieved from: