Always-accessible, gold-standard, mental health treatment in primary care

Always-accessible, gold-standard, mental health treatment in primary care:

  • Meet patient demand without hiring

  • Improve outcomes and save money

  • Save clinician time

Learn how you can treat 1,000 new patients without a single hire with Sleepio and Daylight

Trusted by leading organisations

Daylight (CBT for anxiety) and Sleepio (CBT for insomnia) provide you with:

Gold standard treatment

Explore our world-leading evidence base

In-year cost savings

Reinvest in your system

Easy implementation

Launch in four weeks

Workforce support

Offer treatment to staff and patients

How does it work?

Primary care organisations use Daylight and Sleepio to help the one in three patients they see with common mental disorders. Following either self-referral or clinical referral, patients are able to instantly access treatment via their desktop computer or mobile device.

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Trusted by the NHS

We’ve already helped hundred of thousands of patients across primary care.

We are pleased to launch these treatments nationwide, providing clinically validated solutions for those who need it most.

Mental Health and Social Care Minister, Scotland

I was on the verge of contacting my GP & considering medication… within two weeks of use I am feeling back to my old self. It broke my cycle of negative thinking.

Patient in England

[The Big Health team shows] great responsiveness and understanding of general practice.

GP in England

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Disclaimer: In the UK, Sleepio and Daylight are CE marked medical devices available for the treatment of Insomnia Disorder and Generalized Anxiety Disorder, respectively.