's Story

“Before Sleepio I was simply existing. I was starting each day thinking, ‘if I can just get through today I might sleep ok tonight’. I was anxious and tearful. I was not myself.”

Decades of poor sleep

Katrina had suffered with sleep problems since her early thirties, brought on by menopause symptoms. She suffered for over 20 years before discovering Sleepio through her GP.

Safe, effective treatment

When Katrina found Sleepio, she was intrigued. Not wanting to become dependent on sleeping tablets, she liked that it was clinically proven to be effective, was safe, and had no serious side effects.

A better life for her and her family

Katrina now sleeps consistently throughout the night and checks back in with Sleepio whenever she needs. Sleepio has improved her mood and quality of life: “I feel happy and confident again, less anxious and I am no longer tearful.”