's Story

“Not being able to manage my insomnia made me incredibly depressed and unable to function on a daily basis. Now I am more active and able to cope with a very busy life.”

Poor sleep after a breast cancer diagnosis

A diagnosis of breast cancer in 2019 left Sarah struggling to sleep due to worries about her health and the effects of treatment. Over the years these sleep problems steadily got worse, leaving Sarah feeling tired, anxious, depressed and unable to cope with daily life.

Understanding the science behind sleep

Sarah tried a number of ways to improve her sleep, including holistic remedies, practicing mindfulness and concentrating on her sleep hygiene. Nothing seemed to work for her, and when she discovered Sleepio through her GP, she was relieved to finally have access to a tool that helped her understand the science behind sleep. Sarah began to see improvements in her sleep after two weeks of using Sleepio.

A happier mum

Not only is Sarah achieving better quality sleep, but her mood has improved drastically too. As a busy mum to three children, she is now able to cope with the load of daily life without feeling tired, groggy, or ‘like a zombie!’