's Story

“I used to lie awake for hours fidgeting about in bed, sit up and read for a while then retry over and over again – I was at my wit’s end.”

Years of poor sleep

Richard had suffered with sleep problems for over 5 years, due to changes in routine after retiring. He tried numerous ways to improve his sleep, eventually visiting his GP seeking a more effective solution, who recommended he try Sleepio.

An effective, structured programme

Richard did not want to take sleeping tablets due to the risk of side effects and the potential to become dependent on them. After spending years tossing and turning at night, desperately trying to fall asleep, he finally had an effective and structured programme to help him on his way to a good night’s rest.

Better nights and improved sleep

Richard now regularly gets at least 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep at night. He continues to use the tools he has gained from Sleepio whenever he needs them and is grateful for the structure and routine it brings: “I have a few nights where I go backwards, but sticking to the regime is very important and is working! So thank you Sleepio Team.”